Looking for a Notebook-like theme

(Sri) #1

Elixir used to make a theme called Notebook, which was wonderful for lessons and such.
Here’s an example.

Elixir stopped making it many, many years ago.
I wonder if there is a comparable theme available for use with the latest RW.

Any pointers would be appreciated.



Try http://www.henkvrieselaar.com/Themes/notepad/theme_info/looks/

(Will Woodgate) #3

Doodle: https://themeflood.com/doodle/
Old Book: https://themeflood.com/oldbook/

(Ric) #4

willwood forgot to mention :blush: that the themes he suggested are also free!

(Sri) #5

Thanks, guys!
Not quite what I am looking for, but good to know what’s available!
Somewhat surprised that more classroom-based themes are not in circulation.
May be Adam will bring back (update) the NoteBook theme!


(Tom) #6

I would be interested in an updated version of the Notebook theme as well.

(Sri) #7

Adam (of Elixir), are you listening?
It is a beautiful theme and I’d pay good money for a modernized version!


(Adam Shiver) #8

That theme was a favorite of mine way back when. The only thing that would be difficult is working those extensive graphics for the structure of the theme into a responsive design, which would be a requirement at this point.

(Doug) #9

Also look at Notez by YuzoolThemes.

Free with the purchase of other Yuzool stacks or themes.


I’ve used Henk’s Notepad theme and I love it. Really, really nice.