Using RW8 to build a new version of my portfolio site + ecommerce. Need a gallery stack

Not ready to dive into the e-commerce page just yet. I’m looking for the right GALLERY stack to help me tell a story about each photo or painting on my site.

A few days ago, in the dead of night, I ran across a gallery stack that, similar to the comped-up screenshot, below, had the lightbox image on one side of the page and a slide-in text area on the other side of the screen. It didn’t dawn on me that that was the perfect solution to my problem until the next day. Of course, I didn’t write down the name of the stack. Since then, I’ve been going through as many gallery demos as I can find with no luck at all.

As this comp suggests, I need the text area to change with each image. It might even be preferable for the user to be able to opt out of viewing the text in order to study the full-screen image more closely.

If you’re familiar with the gallery I saw that does this, please shoot me a note.


Lawrence Standifer Stevens

Image Plus looks like a good candidate.

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OMG! NeilUK, I could kiss you right on the mouth! Ha! That’s the one I saw a few days ago. Headed to buy it right now.

Thank you! You’re a lifesaver.


UPDATE: Well, I may have jumped the gun, Neil. It does, indeed, have text with each photo but there is no way to navigate from one image to another. It could work, depending on the settings. But the good news is that I’m getting closer to what I want.

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