Booking stack - setting limited number of places available

(John Garrett) #1

We run workshops 6 times a year with 4 or 5 students on each. I need to be able to let Booking allocate places, take name, e-mail and payment.

I can’t see how to arrange for, say, 5 places to be available, reducing as they are booked.

Please would somebody advise?
Many thanks,

(Michael Frankland) #2

Thanks John - Booking Stack doesn’t have quantities as yet. So it can’t handle 5 students book a workshop in that example.

This is something we are looking to add at some point in a future update.

In the meantime you could take the name and email and then follow up with payment after you have received 5 orders? Then send a link to the payment page to “complete the booking”.

(John Garrett) #3

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your reply. I could, indeed, do what you say but I was hoping to automate things a bit more.

Just wondering if I could do something along these lines…

If we want 5 students, set appointment times like 9:01, 9:02, 9:03, 9:04, 9:05 and label the slots “booking ref” rather than “arrival time”.

Mind you, I have yet to discover how to set the “diary” so that it just has those appointment slots but I think that should be possible.

Any thoughts on that, please?

All the best,


(Michael Frankland) #4

Great solution @antenna007 John - that should work!

(John Garrett) #5

It sort-of works. If the un-bookable slots were invisible rather than greyed out, it would look a lot better. Even with one hour slots rather than the one minute slots I first suggested, there are 19 unwanted, greyed-out slots showing. Maybe I have missed a trick!

All the best,


(Michael Frankland) #6

We can think about hiding them for a future update over the grey out - thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

(scott williams) #7

Question Michael…
If you are greying out does it have a class to do that? Can it be set to not display via CSS then?

(Michael Frankland) #8

Great idea @swilliam

Yes that works @antenna007 - add this to your project (CSS pane in Page Inspector):

.ui-timepicker-list li.ui-timepicker-disabled {display: none;}


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