Looking for a stack that allows my visitors to embed my content on their site

Looking for a stack that allows my visitors to embed my content on their site.

Typically to do this, you need a web service that delivers said content. On their site, the embedded code would call the web service. (Think Google Maps or YouTube.)

Can you be more specific about what you want to do?

This could be a suitable job for the free GrabCode stack to do:

You could create little HTML snippets for website users to copy and paste into their own websites. Things like images, short video, audio samples or links / buttons etc.

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Nick- I figured I’d need a service to do that. I don’t have any experience providing embed’s (exept Vimeo vid’s) but I was hoping some enterprising developer had a stack that would work with a service. I guess I need to research… I think the services can get expense.

Will- Thank you very much for replying and letting me know about the GrabCode stack. That’s not what I’m looking for here but I always appreciate your responses and support. I’m making note of the stack. Perhaps I can use it in the future. You got me thinking about some thing I could do… :slight_smile:

btw… we do place our free video’s on Vimeo so our visitors can embed those on their site. What I’m looking at here is text material. We post daily reports and our readers are always asking if they can post the reports on their site. We would prefer embed’s (as opposed to them copying the text) as the reports are frequently updated and expanded so our preference would be for us to host and user to embed. Cost will probably won’t allow us to do so though…

If it’s just text, I think you can do a quick and dirty solution - host your daily report in its own HTML file on your server. Just the report HTML - not all the sidebars, headers, etc.

This page gives some alternatives for how to do the embed code. You can make this easier on your users by providing that code using Will’s grabcode stack.

To put the report on your own page, use the embedding code yourself, or use one of the various embed stacks kicking around to grab your own HTML page.

May not be what you want, but this would be easy and cost you nothing but time. :slight_smile:

That’s great! I already have the report as an inline css html. We do a daily opt-in mailing for each report and to create the body of the email I copy the provided (to me) report (OSX Pages file) into TextEdit then save as inline css html. So I already have the html code that will work.

Nick and Will… Thanks for responding… I very much appreciate your ideas!