YouTube and Vimeo v3.0 Released

I know that YouTube and Vimeo embeds seem like simple things. But today I just released a completely revamped 3.0 for each stack. Why use these stacks over just copying the embed codes from the website?

  • All you need is the video ID to get your embed going.
  • You get full control over all player options. You cannot get to most of these without knowing the code for them. Its just a checkbox in the stack.
  • When used with various WS lightbox stacks, the videos will auto play when the lightbox opens. This includes the F6 Lightbox (This version will require F6.8 coming this week)
  • There are useful thumbnail stacks that can automatically add thumbnail images dynamically just by using the video ID.

If you don’t have these stacks, you should check them out. It’s the best way to get YouTube and Vimeo embeds onto your webpages.

Even if you purchased these stacks from me 10 years ago, enjoy this as a free update!


Hey @joeworkman, does your Vimeo stack allow me to add my own custom thumbnail (poster) images to the videos embedded on my website? Thanks.

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