RWExtras Time Line stack questions

I have the Time Line stack and would like to use it, but some things are unclear. I searched RW forums but found nothing.

According to the blurb, "Each item can be applied with a corresponding title, Font Awesome icon, navigation links and caption content.”

I can’t find where to enter a title, nor a caption. I see not entry fields in the Inspector when either the stack or the item within the stack is selected.

Using the Font Awesome icon, do I need to download and install something from Font Awesome?

I’m looking forward to using the stack, it will be very useful once I get it going.

See if this helps


By selecting the first option, I was able to add a Text stack, filling in the paragraph across from the pic. But still no title.

How do I change the Font Awesome icon to the wrench?

Any idea how to create navigation links–I would like to link from an image to another page in the website…

Are you talking Timeline from Elixir?
If so did you check out Adams Video on how to use:

How did you get the Header option to appear? Is it a stack?

I tried copying and pasting the wrench snippet, but, like in your lower screenshot, instead of the wrench appearing, the gray dot disappeared.

< aside: what does the Background Image option do for this stack? Or any stack…I have yet to see the image option create a background image in Preview>

Yes…drag/drop the header stack and then drag/drop the text stack underneath it.
Look at the attached image for code… looks like it should be “fa-fa” not “fa-fas”
Look at attached image for the background option, dont know if all stacks support, but this one does

Sorry I’m heading out now, i’ll try to log on later

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