Looking for an image database stack


I have a database of about 350 images, with identifying information in the EXIF metadata. I generated this basic website using the export feature of PhotoMechanic: http://www.rothschilddesign.com/fishdatabase/

I have simply been using the offsite page feature of RW to link to this page, but I was wondering if there was a stack that would let me do something slicker and cleaner within one of the pages of my main site. Specifically, I need to be able to populate this database without manually entering all of the metadata.

Any ideas?

Maybe have a look at Gallery 3 from InStacks, i don’t have it but it does mention importing IPTS data from photos.

Also ProGallery from Stacks4stacks

and Nick Cates Photo Pro


Thanks! Will check it out. Looks good…


See IPTC meta data. No EXIF.

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@mar10029 Hi Mike,

Take a look at EasyDB - it would allow you to manage all of the fish data and even integrates w/ Gallery or ProGallery gallery layouts.



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Thanks! I don’t really need EXIF data, just caption, object and location. I could also probably batch move that data to a supported IPTC field…

Would Gallery Stack 3 let me import 350 images in bulk?

Thank, Bill… will check out that one too!

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