Looking for "rollover effect" stack

I’m looking for a Stack that provides a “rollover” effect where when I roll over the text or photo, it displays text or an image off to the side.

Here’s an example a page that has the kind of effect I’m looking for (it’s for an adult beverage, so don’t be afraid of the over 21 warning):


I’m still browsing the Stacks in the forum … but if anyone has a Stack in mind, that would be fantastic!

The first one that came to mind was moving box by joe workman, but I can’t say for sure that it can change an image on hover (i.e. it might require a click)…

As another option: I just saw Joe mention his Icon bar on another post that would do what you’re looking for, I believe. (https://foundation.joeworkman.net/samples/foundation1-2/#iconbar)

I am pretty sure the Icon Bar can be put in vertical mode. This would require you use Foundation, though.

S4S Switcher is the closest you will get to this I think. Set up as Tabs to trigger on hover and Tabs vertical placed on left. The challenge will be to figure out how to deal with small mobile screens.