Looking for Sample Project or Project Template

Hi there
i have to build 3 website in a very short time… so i’m looking for a project template or sample project
so i can do it faster. Is it possible to find it? Something like drag & drop text and images … i’m very busy and the deadline is coming; or as an alternative I’m thinking something like BigFoot stack ( its offers many footer template ) something like this but for pages…
Thank you for all your kind suggestions.



Are you using a freeform framework (i.e. Foundry or Foundation or UIKit)? Most of the links Jannis has suggested require that. If you’re not using a framework, the series of ‘Duck Soup’ templates from Rapidweaver Central can work in non-framework themes. (Note that those can be fairly complex and aren’t necessarily meant to be easy drag-and-drop solutions. They’re highly designed starting points).


As @instacks has mentioned the Maximal design or “duck soup” suite of templates are outstanding and to my eye about the best I’ve seen in RW. More complicated than most its fair to say but then again you are building for clients so I’m presuming that causes you little concern.

I’ve seen some of the work from @webdeer and also been extremely impressed; they are definitely worth looking at.

But really for rapid client builds I’m surprised you don’t have your own library projects with predesigned sections and content blocks ready to be assembled. Build once and reuse as a starter, that’s how I tend to do it (when using Stacks).


Oh yes i have many projects into my library but i would like something different to not make all the same style ( my own ) u know what i mean?

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