Looking for someone to cleanup and add to my RW web site

The site is at www.groundwaterguy.com. This has been modified from an EgoMade Project. I want to add a membership site and a blog (Pulse or Total CMS), plus some other additions. First, we would need to tweak and clean up the site then make the additions. Membership would be through the Kartra system, so we would need some tie ins there. If anyone is interested or has any input, you can respond here or email me at tballard@groundwaterguy.com. I’m a hydrogeologist, not a web programmer, so it shows, even though I like to dabble.

Tom Ballard

If no one is interested in taking this on, I would be more than appreciative to be referred to a web designer who uses RapidWeaver.


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Awesome, thank you! I had already contacted Ryan Smith, since had discussed this in the past, but he has not gotten back to me yet, so I need to follow up with him.

Ah, well I wish you the best! You may contact @nickcates… he takes on projects from time to time.

Thanks for your help. I have a web developer who has done a web site for me, but he only does WordPress and, for a lot of reasons, I prefer not to use WordPress, mainly because it is a security nightmare. So I prefer RapidWeaver, if at all possible.

Thomas, if we can help you in anyway, let me know. I own a web development company based in CA, with sites all over the country. Everyone of our sites (except maybe 10-15) are built on RapidWeaver.

You’re welcome to DM me, call (209) 480-4418 or visit our site www.one11.surf


@dropgates. Thanks so much! I checked out your web site and it looks like you do good work. For the record, I’m based in Tennessee, but most of my work is in California. I’ll give you a call this afternoon.


You’re in my neighborhood :smiley:

Let’s have coffee or lunch sometime @Aaron

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