Trouble with forms not going through

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself and ask a quick question for some insight.

I am relatively new to RapidWeaver and have been using it and studying web design for roughly the past 6 months. I have really enjoyed using the program and have invested a lot of time in learning how to use it and the fun involved with finding new stacks for further implementation.

With all of that being said the one area I could really use help on at the moment is how to setup a form using the foundry form pro stack, and send responses to my email using a2hosting as my site host and the response going to my main company gmail.

I hope that all makes sense and I look forward to learning more with you guys.

Hi Jordan,

you might be better off asking this question in the Foundry forum over here - At the same time, I’d suggest it would help if you can be more specific about the issues you’re having with the Form Pro stack.


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Hi Rob, sorry i am so late in replying, but I was able to figure out my problem using an article from the Foundry forum (thanks for the link I actually did not know the forum was there).

Again thanks for the help.

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