Looking for way to easily create nested lists (outlining, tabs, etc.)

I have a long piece of legalistic writing, with clauses and subclauses and sub-subclauses. I therefore need to have nested hanging indents as shown in the screenshot below.

The ideal solution would be a stack where I could paste the entire document, then for each group of nested items, select it and apply the appropriate level. (Sort of like selecting text in edit mode and then applying a bullet or numbered list.)

It would also be OK if I had to enter some type of code at the start and end of each block. I could even do the numbering manually.

Some sort of “super tab” would also be OK, where I put one, two or three TABs at the start of a block and the entire block (not just the first line) gets indented.

Any help to a stack or procedure would be greatly appreciated. I am trying hard to avoid extensive HTML and CSS techniques, for example, like List #5 shown here: enter link description here

Have you looked at the markdown stack that is part of stacks? Looks like an ideal unordered or ordered list.

  • List item

  • List item

  1. List item

If you have a lot to do you might look at a markdown editor. Typed from real Mac or byword on the Mac App Store both work well.

Markdown’s a good choice - especially Byword, a great text editor. However, if you want a stack, have a look at the 4th demo here - http://rapidweaver.marathia.com/stacks/smartlist/

Thank you everyone! I’m especially impressed because I asked the question at 3 am on Thanksgiving Day :poultry_leg:, and had three helpful replies by the time I woke up to watch the Macy’s parade :balloon:.

I will check out Markdown and the stacks link – thanks again!