Lost all my rapid weaver files even the backup!

Google drive does my backups etc and syncs things nicely until last week.
I have a folder with all my rapid weaver sites pictures etc in it that is backed up to it well the sync went wrong and deleted the online backup and the original files. So my site is on the ftp site but nothing backed up or original files on computer in Rapidweaver format. What on earth can I do especially as this is a complicated website

The first question - with respect - is: do you have any hard disk backups of your data?
Time machine? Compressed files? Anything on an external drive?

Don’t know much about google backups but apart from that you haven’t much to go on.

If you have RW7 and have the backup to server feature enabled, you can download that and get the project file. If not then you will have to start from scratch.
You could pull all the images off the server and copy/paste text into the new project also.

I’ve heard of site sucker but not familiar with how it works.

Others might have more input.

Cheers for your ears.

Ive hunted through my old stuff and found a hard drive with an older backup on so its a starting point I am still on RW5 with this project as one of the plugins it uses there is no update or equivalent and it won’t work on 6 or 7.

Thanks for your help

Out of interest; what plugin is it?

Symfonip SymCrossSlide plugin. I use one of Henks themes and have the SymCrossSlide on the home page along with the text and it is a slideshow of various images