Lost RapidWeaver document: website is already online

Hi there,

I somehow lost my RapidWeaver website document > it has an ‘edit/adjust date’ more back in time than the website I already published. I asked Dropbox to restore my files, but I still have the same problem with the date of the document - also in my external hard drive…

Is there a possibility to download the website document I published somewhere else or from the internet? :thinking:

Hope someone can help me. I don’t want to built everything all over again…

I’m not fully understanding everything you write but …

  1. RW provides an option to publish a backup of your work to the relevant web server. Did you choose that option? If “yes” then you can download your project file from the remote server.
  2. Do you regularly back up via Time Machine, Super Duper, or something else. If yes, then get the newest backup you have saved and work from there.
  3. People don’t “somehow lose” their RW project files. Are you very sure it is no longer on your computer? Is it in your trash? Do a search for files with the “.rw” extension.

If you can’t use either of the above options then you’ll need to build everything. It sounds like you have some sort of backup, just not the newest version.

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