Retrieving my web site

This is probably a very simple question (or answer)
I have several small Rapidweaver websites which are ticking along quite well but the hard drive I used to store all the Rapid weaver files has died.
If I now want to change any details on any of those sites I have to use text edit or somesuch as I no longer have the original RW files.
Is there a simple way to download them to my computer and get them back into RW so I can have control over them again ?
There may also be a problem with compatibility as the web sites were constructed when I was using RW4 (?) and we are now on RW6.
Advice and recommendations gratefully received.

Hi there,

it’s a simple enough answer but not necessarily one you’re going to like very much!

As far as I know, the answer is ‘no’ - you can’t pull down those old published sites into Rapidweaver and carry on working with them. You need the actual project files and even then, if the originals were created using RW4.x you’ll have to go through a pretty complicated upgrade process via RW 5.4.1 and then on to RW6.

If the sites are small I’d be tempted to just from scratch for each one and copy and paste the content into RW6. Although it might sound long-winded, along the way you’ll probably discover faster, more elegant ways to update your pages and it’ll be worth it in the long run.


Bother !!!:anguished:

@pixcels A very nice “trick” or practice that some folks use is to zip up the RW project and upload it to the server area of the relevant website. This is simply a storage technique. Then if anything goes wrong (as in your case) there’s an easily available RW project file to download again.

A more common practice is to at least once in awhile store zipped projects to a service like DropBox.

Hard drives do fail. It’s something you can count on. You just can’t count on “when” they’ll fail.

Yes that is a nice idea - zipping the RW files and storing them with the web site.
Next time !!
I had been so careful, “backing up” all the RW work files to this one hard drive that was used for nothing else. So when that drive mysteriously and without warning failed I was sunk.
Tried recovery software on it but no good.

Yes, I’m very sorry. It’s always depressing when these things happen. Another strategy I now use (after an internal HD crashed a few years ago) is that I also “archive” my BU hard drives. In practice this means I buy a new hard drive every year. This only costs me about $100 or less. That way I’m minimizing the chances that I can’t find a file. It’s always possible to lose something, but the probabilities go way down. Certainly worth $100 a year for me.

Or just save your project inside a folder synced with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive or any other file hosting services.

I updated some plugins and a theme.
Luckly I zipped the .rw6 file on my desktop beforehand.
Because at this point, I can not upload changes to my site at all, it is blocking me from my server from too many ‘attempts’ I suppose. Just stuck.

I don’t know how to use the zip to go backwards…
The WinZip program I used made the zip file into two folders
(_MACOSX) and (projectname.rw6)

I’m using RW6 on a OS 10.9.5 computer.

I did remove the suspicious plug in and theme.