Lost RW Daten as iMac died

Unfortunately my iMac died, at least it won’t start and the restore with Time Machine does not work. My entire RW data is locked away on a dead computer. I am now using my MacBook Pro but it is older and only has RW6. When I start RW I only have an outdated Website page but not the one which is now running on the internet. I have downloaded the entire website using Transit. Can I somehow get RW to reconstruct the website?? Over the last 2 years I have done many new things on the site which are not on the RW project of 3 years ago.

I don’t want to end up destroying my online website so what can I do??? Would appreciate any help or information I can get. Thanks in advance!! David Q.

Send me a link to the online site and i will take a look.

The fastest and most complete way would be to restore from the broken Mac’s TimeMachine backup to the working Mac.

No, There is no way to create an RW project from the Website (live or downloaded). If the Broken Mac was running RW7 or later you may have backed up the project file as part of the publishing settings. You can look for a folder on the website with a strange name like 0EE29033-3842-425E-B334-A5226640826C_rwbackup.

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First check if Time Machine is really broken. Or you simply may not know how to use it well. I can’t tell which from what you wrote.

You always always always want multiple backups. I know this advice is coming late, but unfortunately sometimes the only way people learn is to make this very mistake. They never make the mistake again!

Besides Time Machine, there is a very nice feature within RW that allows you to save backups to your server. Definitely use that in the future if you are not using it now. Go to Settings > Publishing > Backup Frequency. I choose once a day, but there are a couple other choices. This same feature allows you to download the latest backup to your computer.

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Take the hard drive out of your broken iMac and put it in an external case (or similar). It depends on the age of your iMac to how hard it is to get into it but they are all able to be opened and the hard drive removed.

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An alternative temporary emergency workaround you could try. Open the old version of RW that works on your notebook or whatever. Create a new project. Go to your website live in a browser. Copy the text and images on the browser page(s) and then paste it into new RW pages in your project. Works with styled text pages for sure. Of course you might not have your same theme available in your old RW or other add-on., and you have to do some linking, menus…fill in the Page info stuff etc. I am still using RW 5, since it does what I need.

Thanks Edward, I was hoping a “new project” makeover would not be necessary but it looks like everything is headed in that direction. Oh well, the sight and shop are running fine for now so that is all that matters. Lazy me was trying to save doing that… Ciao for now, David

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Hi Jonathan, my iMac is one of those glued ones and you just can’t take it apart. Needs to be done with special heating machine. Thanks for the idea though. Ciao for now, David

Thanks Mathew. I do know how to use Time Machine but only used 1 external backup disk. And unfortunately it is now too late, although I am using 2 for my MBP. Ciao for now, David

I upgraded the HD in my 2013 iMac this year. You need the OWC pizza cutter tool to open it and the adhesive strips if you plan on putting it back together.


What happened to the backup disc? One is still a backup? Excuse my confusion.

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