Mac app for bulk image cropping

I am looking through apps to batch crop some lanscape images to portrait.

I use Photobulk and Squash to prepare photos for web and love them.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

So far Resize Sense looks ok. But I feel there might be a better one.

Rather expensive by itself, but Easy Batch Photo works great. I picked up the suite a few years ago for a song, and use Snap N Drag and Easy Frame every single day. When I need to process more than a few images, I use Easy Batch Photo.

Using automation for switching from landscape to portrait will surely lead to some unexpected and unwanted results, like cropping off essential parts of an image and leaving behind non-essential ones. Every image is composed a little different, unless you put your subject dead-center, which is one of the most amateurish mistakes in photography…


Thanks, looks great. I’ll give it a try.

Thanks, good point. I have so many to do, that it will be worth my while to batch crop and then re do the ones that did not fit correctly.

I use an app called Photobulk to watermark and resize images etc. I like mine to be 1200 wide and 800wide and around 100/150kb for website. That way they show nicely on phones and larger or retina displays.


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The excellent and free XnConvert will do this for you, i.e. it will batch process multiple images to crop and resize and optimise all in one go. Doing this is one go is far more preferable because each time you use an App for one function and save the image, you degrade the image. So if image quality is important to you, it is much better to use one App to do it all before the final save.

Also I think batch cropping will end in tears because unless you have consistent areas in every image that you want to crop, you will end up with cropped image with the wrong area cropped.


that’s the one I use! I love it

Dropfix is another great one, and free - resizes and renames, great for creating bulk “thumbnail” images for use with Stacks like the awesome ProGallery 2

You can do it using Automator -

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Pretty sweet little trick that I never knew… thanks for sharing that:) @dylan

Another interesting app for image automation just launched today…


Like the look of that. I love Acorn for photo editing so suspect it’s a solid app.

As @Rovertek says, batch cropping is going to produce some very unpredictable results. As @dylan says, Automator will do the trick, and it’s free. I usually use Graphic Converter for batch processing. I’ve been using it since OS 9 (possibly 8)! Photoshop does good batch processing if you have it. Affinity Photo can record macros, but I haven’t tried that feature yet.

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