RapidWeaver 8 coming

Will it run on El Capitan (OS 10.11.6)?

I had the same concerns, but I would recommend moving to Sierra (not High Sierra) unless you have reason not to.

That said, i’m Not sure it will run on Sierra - @dan @ben?

I seriously doubt that, considering RW 7.5 is fully compatible only with High Sierra…

If I remember right, when they were getting to release RW 7, they said it would be the latest version of macOS at the time of release. Now, since it might be released around the time of macOS Mojave (I have no knowledge of release dates, this is an assumption), my guess will be High Sierra will be needed. I could be wrong though, and actually hope I am wrong, as I have a computer still running Sierra. Again, this is all just a big guess until @dan comes and tells us when they make an announcement.

Is this an official line or your experience?

Hey there,

We’re not quite ready to announce OS support just yet, but rest assured we’re doing our best to support as far back as possible. Unfortunately, Apple makes it harder to support older systems along with their latest releases.

We’re aiming to support 10.11 all the way through to 10.14 and beyond, however, as stated above, Apple makes this hard and we’re still working out if it’s going to be doable for us.

As we get closer to release (and we’re 100% sure) we’ll make an announcement on OS support. Shouldn’t be too long now.

Hope that helps.



@dan ?
Is there an automatic upgrade to RW8 included, if I buy an upgrade to RW7 now? Or should I wait?

Cheers, Tim

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I haven’t checked all functionality, but Mojave beta seems to play nicely with RW 7.5 :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m also looking for any news about rapidweaver 8. I have the 6 and rather junp to 8 as it’s about to come out. But my version stopped working. It crashes on opening and just before it would keep reloading the preview page, over and over again… any news? Thanks!

Try to preview in your browser. High Sierra broke RW6 preview.

@dan, I’d be rather curious about some new features…

  • subdomains management?
  • dynamic resource folder?
  • whatever… ?

I’d be particularly interested in multi thread support. I am about to purchase an iMacPro but it only makes sense for apps that are capable of working with multiple processors. Since RW is the most important app in my workflow this really matters. @dan @ben @tpbradley can you comment on this?

Honestly folks,
It’s a bit late into the process to be adding to the “wishlist” for features for RW8. It’s already in private beta testing, so any new features that could be there on release are already done.
Not saying you shouldn’t post your “feature requests” on the forum (there’s a category for that) just don’t expect it to be added to the initial release of 8.

I think we all are waiting to see what made the cut.

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