Apple’s new OS Big Sur

Will Realmac Rapidweaver and Squash together with Stacks and Foundry be compatible with Apple’s latest OS Big Sur.

We do not want to be in a situation that we cannot use the programs should we upgrade when the OS is released.

Any guidance will be appreciated.


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They should be compatible.

Now will they be without problems day one?

I know I’ve already gotten one email on Carbon Copy Cloner not working.

So unless there is a good reason to take the update right away, I always recommend waiting for a few updates before upgrading your OS. That will give software developers and Apple a chance to push out needed fixes.


I was going to mention the same as @teefers. There was a rather concerning email a few days ago from Bombich, the reputable company behind Carbon Copy Cloner, warning users of nasty issues that still persist in Big Sur.

These aren’t issues Bombich could fix - they were problems rooted deep in Big Sur that only Apple have the ability to fix. Critical things relating to complicated matters (like the underlying file system) that could cause catastrophic problems.

Not to sound alarmist, but anybody who is not a developer would do well to stay well away from Big Sur for the first few releases. Wait until all the horror-stories have died down on the Apple support forums before considering the update. By which time, Realmac and other companies may have more information to share.

Realistically Big Sur isn’t going to provide any significant benefit to the average RapidWeaver user. For example, your websites aren’t suddenly going to publish faster or achieve any better ranking on Google!


Catalina messed up both Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper for a while – and, of course, Big Sur is a much bigger update. I usually jump in with updates, but I think I’ll follow @willwood’s advice on this one.

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I’m on Big Sur Beta with one of my machines. RW 8 works without any issue so far.


Thank you Doug, Will, Peter and Juergen got your coolants and advice which I will take on board.

Will have to see how we get in.


This is usually a good site for compatibility (once Big Sur official is out).

That being said, I usually wait until a few months go by (at least) before considering the upgrade.


Thank you. Will check it out.

Absolutely - stay well away from it - except perhaps on a test machine. I’m not even using Catalina. Mojave lets me run Adobe CS6, Office 2011 - and more importantly a load of Final Cut plugins which probably won’t work in Catalina and beyond.

I fix Macs and apart from one laptop, I never upgrade to a new OS for at least 4 months. Saves so much hassle. :smiley:

Thanks for the advice guys which I will take on board.

I am tired of Apple doing these silly updates all the time. They also seem to want to lock us out of our computers that we bought and paid for. I also do not want a desktop iphone.

My nephew has convinced me to switch away from Apple. He tried for 20+ years to do it. I can tell you that I get more Kernel panics now than I ever had. At least 3 per week. They designed the Mac Pro I purchased to utilize all external devices and then seem incapable of writing an OS that works reliably with external drives. My crashes are always the same… they are around waking up from sleep. It points at external drives but nothing specific. I have a total of 4 different brands of drives. I can’t leave any of them connected.

Big Sur will not be gracing my Mac for a long time.

I could be wrong but it sounds like you are treating it like a PC. Trying to configure, add stuff and hack. My MAC is 6 years old and has crashed maybe 5-7 times total. Always because I did something stupid. It just works if you allow the system to do “its” thing and just do production. Your mileage may vary.


Been using RW8 with Big Sur beta for months now… had some publishing issues for a while… … but cleared up… Carbon Copy Cloner (latest update) seems to work just fine… just used it last week (FYI)

Did you try booting the clone? My understanding was that it will still clone the drive/files correctly, but you will not be able to boot off the clone.

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Thank you for the feedback Don. Very reassuring.


Hey Weavers,

RapidWeaver 8.6 works well on macOS Big Sur. We’ll be pushing out RapidWeaver 8.7 in the next few days with official support for the new OS. So if you do want to upgrade, go ahead, we’ve got you covered :grinning:

I just wanted to reiterate, we’re committed to making sure RapidWeaver runs well on all new Mac hardware and software releases.

Happy Weaving.



Hi @dan any teasers of new features of RW9 already? :slight_smile:

Not yet… all I can say is that we’re still busy working on it and it’s going to be great! :+1:


I had a few issues with some of Foundry’s stacks when I beta tested OS Big Surprise last week. Parts of some stacks didn’t work. The advice to wait a few months before switching, or not switching at all is sound advice.