Mac, Parallels and Windows: RW needs Windows open or it crashes

When I last used RW I had Windows open on my Mac (in Parallels). Now, RW won’t open unless Windows is also open. RW, Mac and Windows are all most recent version.

When Windows is open, RW works properly.

How do I stop RW from being so friendly with Windows?

wait… it’s not April fools day is it? Are you trying to launch from a project file or merely launching the app itself? (Don’t know that it matters but just trying to gather data.) Do you have more than one project file you can try launching? When RW “won’t open” what happens? Error msg? Nothing?

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I know… I was blushing writing the post. When I attempt to open RW (a project file) when Windows is NOT running, I get the following:

I just found out that this only happens with one particular file (naturally, my most important RW file.)

First guess - the project file (or some of it’s resources) has been saved to a Windows directory folder.


Nailed it! One of the Resources is in the virtual Windows machine.

Thank you!!!



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