Macro to link stack pages

(Bill Fleming) #1

I need to manually add a link in SVG to link other stack pages in RW.

Does the stack page have it own hyperlink macro that I can use to manually add in SVG?

Thank you

(Jason Bostick) #2

There are a couple of older posts that may help??


(Jason Bostick) #3

Also, Isaiah is pretty quick to respond on his slack, if you want to try him there (I don’t know if this would be a stacks thing or a RW thing though)

(Bill Fleming) #4

If I have an index in europe folder, I type in %base_url%/europe/ ?

(Bill Fleming) #5

%base_url% worked but there was a layers of folder before the /europe/ that was not added to refer

(Jason Bostick) #6

Oh, I’m only able to point people to existing stuff, I can’t actually answer questions and give useful info haha.

(Doug Bennett) #7

That should have worked. How are you entering that(HTML stack)?

You can also check out this from Stacks:

(Bill Fleming) #8

The page was located at URL/preview/regions/europe/

%base_url% took it to URL/europe/

(Doug Bennett) #9

%base_url% should give you what you have as the Web Address in settings:

The link above to PathsTestStacks gives you other variables but you would have to code them within a custom stack.

(Bill Fleming) #10

Yes, and all the pages are in a subfolder /regions/

The macro is not adding the subfolder to the path. I could just move it all out of the subfolder into the root doc folder. I might just do that

(Juerg) #11

@teefers Doug, thanks for the tip. Just learned about that PATH utility from you :grinning:

(system) #12

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