Copy page URL within RW?

Hope this isn’t a dumb question, but is there a quick way to get the full URL of a page within Rapidweaver? Obviously when using the link window you just select a page - job done. But in markdown you need the full URL and it would be handy to perhaps right click a page name or something and get the full URL - particularly when you have long URLs and need to link to a number of them. I cant find anything like this.

There’s not currently a clean way to do this in Markdown pages, you can use the %base_url% macro to get the site’s url, but then you’d still need to write out the rest of the sub folders. Not ideal I know.

I know it doesn’t help in this situation, but it does work with images and resources, see below.

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Thanks Dan - I’ve found it useful in resources so maybe a feature request?

Yes 100% it would be a great addition!


Since you are using stacks there’s a variable I have never tried but sounds like it might be what you want.

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