Make contact form woks on Synology Nas host

Hi, I have a webpage created with RW8 from a example template. I published this proyect on my Synology and it works but when I try to send a email from the contact form it shows this msg: “I’m sorry, there seems to have and error trying to send your email. Please try again”

I don’t know if there is some sort of misconfiguration on my Synology “Web Station” pkg or something else; can somebody help me to set up correctly this RW8 / Synology (latest DSM) ?


Link…and post a pic of the setup…what form?

Contact forms often require php and thus it can not work from a NAS. You need a Webserver with php installed for this.

You are also able to install PHP on a NAS.

In addition, it’s even more complex. You also need to enable email sending on that web server then. And what I read in forums that’s really a challenge to get working (maybe with PEAR…)

Bottom line: use a dedicated webserber hoster…

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software



Tks for the answer. I have already installed PHP 7.2 and Pearl on the NAS; let me check with Synology tech support if they have any comments regarding.


Enrico Schiappa

Well I found solution from a friend. To make work contact form from a webpage created with RW8 example project hosted on Synology NAS is required to have installed PHP on the NAS (just install pkg from the NAS package center (I did install PHP 7.2) and also install on the " / web / contact-form / files / " a “PHPMailer” configuration and modify according the file “mailer.php” there is need of some PHP language knowledge.

When RW8 compile the contact form does not inform / create the “PHPMailer”.

I have this working just fine and now I can send mails successfully from the contact form created with RW8 on my webpage hosted on my Synology NAS.

If someone may need detailed config, pls contact me to send detailed info.

Note: I tried to receive help from Realmac but they did not help.

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