Contact form mailer.php script not working in RW8

We have RW8 and are using the inbuilt Contact Form. However it does not work or report any errors even when fields in the form are left blank.
The website is published by the RW8 SW and is hosted by A2Hosting whom R8 recommend.
The Contact Form produces 2 php scripts, index.php and mailer.php. We have checked with A2 hosting and Php is set up correctly on the server and hosting site. We have configured the form correctly with an email on the same domain as the website.
It appears the mailer.php is not executing correctly. It appears index.php may be working.
Has any else had this problem or similar? What is the fix?
Are we beter off buying a forms/contact stack which will work out of the box? If yes, which one is recommended?

Mark and Brendan

The index.php is the actual page that display. What makes you think the mailer.php is “not executing correctly”?

Are you getting any error messages at all?

Have you checked the log files on the host? Most all PHP errors are trapped and sent to a log file on the host site. They don’t display to the end user. The hosting company should be able to tell you where the PHP log file is stored.
You could certainly try other form products, but they all use PHP to send mail, so you might have the same problem.

I had problems when i set mine up. Figured out that the .htaccess file on my host server needed updating. Deleted it and let the server create a new one and presto, form works beautifully. My 2 bits for checking.

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