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I have recently switched to RW8 from a legacy program. My problem is getting the contact form to work with Godaddy. My three sites were working before using the legacy program code before Godaddy switched me to cPanel.

Is there a post for setting up the contact form using advanced PhP? I have spent many hours monkeying around with PHPMailer-master and other posts on numerous sites to get it to work. I also contacted Godaddy, L1 support person was not versed enough to help.

I am not sure if the server setting in the PhP file is incorrect or where the problem is. Other than finding lots of folks talking about Godaddy being a pain to set up contact forms. I am not opposed to moving to a new provider if set-up instructions are available and will work with RW8.

Thanks for your help!

I am not opposed to moving to a new provider

I would suggest that your best bet would be changing the host. GoDaddy has a questionable reputation here for many reasons (just search this forum for GoDaddy).

Take a look at this post to see what other hosts people like on this forum.

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