Making a slideshow with clickable links

(Tom Mareels) #1

I’m looking for a slideshow plugin/stack/theme on which people can click and then be sent to another page which explains a bit more about the topic of the picture.

Anybody any suggestions?



(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Most sliders will allow you to add links to them. I do know that you can do this with Cycler, Movingbox and Impact, all made by Joe Workman

(Tom Mareels) #3

Thank you. I will check them out :wink:

(Ric) #4

Bear in mind that it’s the ‘picture’ that needs to be linkable not so much the sliders capabilities.
The world is your oyster.

(Tom Mareels) #5

Interesting remark. What is the difference between them?

(Ric) #6

In a nutshell; you will be adding images to the slider and it will be each image that you set a link to to go to the page with more info on it.
Try something like FreeStyle (the price is clued to in the name). Add image stacks with a link and you’re set to go.

(Tom Mareels) #7

Thank you, I will check it out :wink: