Making a slideshow with clickable links

I’m looking for a slideshow plugin/stack/theme on which people can click and then be sent to another page which explains a bit more about the topic of the picture.

Anybody any suggestions?



Most sliders will allow you to add links to them. I do know that you can do this with Cycler, Movingbox and Impact, all made by Joe Workman

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Thank you. I will check them out :wink:

Bear in mind that it’s the ‘picture’ that needs to be linkable not so much the sliders capabilities.
The world is your oyster.

Interesting remark. What is the difference between them?

In a nutshell; you will be adding images to the slider and it will be each image that you set a link to to go to the page with more info on it.
Try something like FreeStyle (the price is clued to in the name). Add image stacks with a link and you’re set to go.

Thank you, I will check it out :wink: