Making a solid colour background translucent in RW5/foundation

I have RW5
I’m building using foundation. and Stacks 2 (I think)
I’ve set a white background over a photo.
How can I make the background translucent/opaque?

I’m a total beginner at this


Hi Mike - how did you set the background over the photo in the first place? Are you trying to basically apply a colour wash (white in this case) over the photo ?


I was following a video of Joe Workman.
He put a 1 column stack inside another one column stack.
Set the background of the outer to photo and the inner to solid colour.
He then set the translucency on a slider. on RW5 I can’t find that slider.

I do not think he is using RW 5, but if you share the link to the video, we can tell you for sure. Transparency is not standard in Stacks 2, which runs in RW 5, but it is in Stacks 3, which works with RW 6.

I presume Slacks 3 won’t work in RW5?
I’ve rolled my macbook pro back to Mountain Lion (Partly in protest to Mavericks making my machine sooooo slow) So upgrading to RW6 and Stacks 3 isn’t an option.
Any ideas on how I can do it?

Stacks 3 is RW 6 only. Not sure how you could do this, maybe Joe’s Glass stack