Making comments visible


Very minor issue

We are using tags such as…

In HTML stacks to hook in with DropKick CMS

Site is completely drivent by Foundation stacks

Commenting Out as above works but is invisible in edit mode.

Is there a way to make comments visible in Edit?


Hi James

I don’t understand likely because your tags are blanked out, when inserting html into the forum use the </> icon to inject code for us to see and better help you… a screenshot might be of use as well :wink:

Same goes for your other thread…


Hi… thanks for the attention.

Not really much too say.

  1. If you use the syntax

<!-- This comment is hidden -->


In edit when you view it really is hidden:

Just mean that add ons - Like Dropkick which insert tags via…

<!-- code goes here -->

Are tricky to spot when in edit mode because they are invisible.

Sometimes we use 5 or 6 of these in one page and it makes troubleshooting tricky.



Thanks for the further information… (I haven’t used DropKick)

I may be wrong, but perhaps you won’t see those things in edit mode no matter what you do because they are generated on export of the project or live through management of the CMS.

It is invisible in edit mode, yes as you describe, to bring the content of that stack into focus, select it and you should see the content (hidden or not) but issue from above applies.




We’re not expecting to see the rendered output - that depends on php calling from the database.

It’s just the ability to view ANY comments in Edit mode.

The DropKick tag happens to use the comment syntax; but we use comments quite a lot and it’s a nuisance not to be able to see them…

Best wishes



I hear ya James, the only way to see the comments is to have the stack using them in focus (selected) and perhaps even opened for edit. I cannot see another way of viewing comments in edit mode.

I assume the stack you inject the comment into has a unique ID?

You can use the Site Notes feature to record the ID and the Comments for the specific pages… might help

Maybe you can use a stack directly above with display set to none so you can see the comments (without the surrounding brackets) in edit mode (kinda)

Food for thought