Looking for comments stack

Hello all,
I am looking for a comments stack, like Backsnap from Yabdab, but where the users also can post images and not only text.

While Disqus is not a stack, it’s easy to implement. You just copy and paste the code snippet into your page - https://disqus.com

Hope that helps.

I have a Comments stack that supports both Facebook and Disqus. I do prefer Disqus myself.

hah, I knew you would! I should of looked on your site first @joeworkman :wink:

Thx all, think I try the comments stack from joeworkman. It is for me very important that the discussions are private. Only for the users that login on my site. I hope this is possible…

Excuse me, but who can tell how to insert the installation Discus code, without using the stack Comments? If use HTML stack, in Previews (RapidWeaver), for some reason, nothing is shown. Or is it normal that in the Preview nothing is shown?

@Wondrous Quite often Disqus code only works when your website is published online.

The workaround (if you want to see what the comment box would look like in RW preview) is to look at the source code and make sure any links to Disqus scripts start with ‘https://’ so if you see something in the code that looks like this:


change it to:


Then the correct resources for Disqus commenting will be loaded.

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