Way to label a stack when viewing in edit mode?

Is there a way to label the column stacks so that it the Edit Mode, you can quickly identify what content is in that stack? For example, I “hide” different column stacks because I am constantly scrolling up and down the page. If the stack had a content label in it while hidden, I would know exactly what it is.

Or, is there a way to put an invisible “remark” label just before the stack so it shows only in edit mode?

I am using Foundation, so the column stacks come from Foundation.

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Overview will let you show-hide single stacks or all stacks added within an Overview Stack. It’s built for loooooong pages with a lot of Stacks… and why it’s named Overview.

Backpacker does some of the same stuff – but Overview is the one I’m using. They are bundled together.

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Thanks! Just tried Overview and will look at the other stack as well. However, just the ability to collapse the content of a certain group and still see what is in the group is JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

Thanks again.

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The Overview Stack was developed before the Stacks ‘hide’ feature – and evolved after.

If you hide more Stacks on a page – they all look alike… just a wihte rectangle.

Overview gives you an option to add label to groups of Stacks.

To compact the group of Stacks so they don’t take up all your screen space.

And an option to unhide individual Stacks OR show or hide all Stacks (added to an Overview Stack).

I’m sure we’ll see a more sofisticated solution to the Stacks pluing… but until – Overview does a nice job.

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