Making online links work in CSV file made with 'Numbers' for Mac

For PowerGrid CSV:

You can use ‘Numbers’ program on Mac to make your table instead of Excel (much nicer). Export as CSV in the default format if you only want to read text on your table.
If you have put html code in the table cells to view thumbnail pics / URL’s / Email addresses, these will only work online if you export the CSV in the Western ISO Latin3 format. Trust me, I tried all the 19 formats in English and tore out a lot of hair to impart this valuable info :slight_smile:

Note: Making hyperlinks in Numbers will not work for online tables. You have to put the html code in the cell. For beginners like me, you can alter the following code with your own details.

Have you considered using Markdown? It is supported by PowerGrid CSV and there’s even a cheat sheet included. :slight_smile:

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s well worth looking at the examples given as they cover most of what you’ve done. You simply have to enable Markdown support within the PowerGrid CSV settings.

The obvious problem with the html is that you have ‘smart’ quotes which aren’t correct in such a context. I don’t think Latin 3 contains proper quote marks which might explain why it works. You should be able to fix this by turning off smart quotes in system preferences.

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