Methodology assistance required

Hi Guys
Just wanting to pick your expert brains.

My website home page looks like this:

Selecting any of the links kicks off PowerGrid CSV. This works beautifully fast to produce:

I want to add an extra column to this table (in the csv file) for the next level of html
,x,x,x,html reference ARG1

which will create a Table for each record looking something like this:

(Ignore my playing with php bit).

I intend to store the data required for level 3 in a single flat file for each of the records shown in level 2.

Single Flat File
K1,x,x,x,x,image reference 1,image reference 2
K2,y,y,y,y,image reference 1,image reference 2

Now here comes the decision making.
From Level 2,
Do I make the call in html, passing in an argument, and run php internally OR

Do I make the call in php, passing in an argument, and create the html table on the fly.

I understand that a DB is really the way to go but I would end up with 100s of thousands items and I really have got the time.

Hoping someone has got some ideas.

Regards David

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