Making SidePanel CSS sticky


I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to make SidePanel CSS sticky.
I have created a SidePanel on the left hand side of the screen and contained within a contact form, using Form base.
With SidePanel, i have just an icon denoting the contact form (font awesomes open envelope). The side panel works absolutely fine, however I’d like to make it fixed at 400 or so pixels from the top of the page and cannot fathom out how to do it.
I’ve tried Pin, which kind of works, though I cannot seem to get the background transparent - opacity is set to 0%. The page has a number of solid coloured sections - dark grey through to white. Pin woks fine on a white background, yet setting it to its minimum width of 1 pixel wide I get a white strip showing on the left. This is OK for white backgrounds as it doesn’t show. However on a dark background you can see the strip.
Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?
Any ideas for an alternative way of achieving the same effect?

Thanks in anticipation,


If you can show me a page or send me a project file I can take a look at the Pin issue. The background transparency certainly works but if you are setting it to 1px wide then perhaps there is a remanent border showing. I’m afraid I cannot visualise what you are trying to do with a 1px wide setting so an example would be great.

Sticky Grummage would also achieve the same effect I would have thought but it is difficult to know without seeing your layout.

It may be worth posting this on the bwd G+ group as there are many users there who will probably jump in with their own experience of layouts like this using Pin or Sticky Grummage.