I need a little help with CSS, only a little

in the live link above you will see the thumbnails of a Weaverpix Slideshow, the thumbnails have a White border all around them, i was hoping to make this a little darker and make it slightly transparent, but before i CAN do that, i was simply trying to find my way in trying to change the colour using CSS in the CODE section of RW6.
Using the Right Click / Inspect Element option i have succeeded in changing the White border to Black :slightly_smiling:
However my knowledge of CSS isn’t sufficient enough to create the correct CSS to make it work in the CODE section.
I am therefore asking for a little help, i am hoping that the attached Sceenshot will be sufficient for someone to Help me please.


This should give you a nice semi-transparent black. The 4th number is the opacity (where 0 is transparent and 1 is fully opaque)
section.theme{ background: rgba(5, 3, 4, 0.68)!important; }

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Aw Gee @tav, it really was as easy as that wasnt it, i had been struggling for ages trying to get that effect, Thanks Andrew.

I shall now try and get the same effect with the actual Slideshow,_ i might be BACK ?_

Later, yay cracked it now Andrew, yep Slideshows as well, but i can only put that CSS in the Weaverpix pages, because it adds the same background to all the other pages, which i didnt want, i mistakenly thought that CSS was Weaverpix only, apparently not !.