Malware warning

I just tried to launch RW and the VirusBarrier warned me that the Paddle file is a malware:


This has never happened before to me. I quarantined the file, but without it RW can not be launched. Any comments on that?

@dan @LaPan Seems more users are getting this…

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Indeed, this is located inside RW.

I have been using VirusBarrier for about a decade and it never gave me a false alarm. But today VB notified me that it just completed an update to malware definitions. I’m guessing that there was something in that update that triggered the alarm…

here the same message!

To be precise, this is the kind of malware in Paddle I was warned about: OSX/AMC.fs.

Here’s what I found on this malware type:

The Paddle framework is not Malware. They are the payment provider company we use to take payments:

I will let Paddle know that some users are seeing this issue. In the meantime, you may want to contact VirusBarrier and ask them what’s going on.

Hope that helps.

Hey all,

Just got this from Paddle (see below). Seems like it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Thanks for letting us know!



Here’s the support response I got from Intego support yesterday:

"Dear Tom,

Thank you for your request.

We are getting quite a few Support Tickets about this detection. Paddle has been identified as a potential false positive alert.

Several customers have already submitted the file to us and we have confirmed they are false positive alerts.

We have updated our Malware Definitions so after the next update these files will no longer get detected. We will likely release the Malware Definition update on Thursday.

Until then you can Trust the Paddle file to prevent VirusBarrier from detecting it as an infection.

Since you have selected to repair the file, VirusBarrier has stripped code from it which has caused the Rapidweaver program to crash, apparently.

To get Rapidweaver 7 to start working correctly again please try restarting your Mac. If the program is still not working you may need to reinstall the program again.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,"


I got a similar response from Intego Tech Support.

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