RM PluginStoreKit ID'd as Malware

Hello: My Intego virus Barrier software has identified 4 RM PluginStoreKit files as malware. Does anyone have any idea whether this is legit? I can’t use RW because of it.

My guess is that it’s the Virus thing you are using, but without more information on what files it thinks are malware it’s impossible to say for sure.

Hi Doug - Thanks for the reply. here’s the list (this is a screen capture) == all in a file called “A” which I have tracked down. Should I just delete the program and reinstall? This came out of nowhere.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9.26.02 AM.png

I’m not at my Mac right now and I’m not familiar with Intego virus Barrier. I don’t have a clue as to what they’re looking for.

On The screenshot above I can’t read the path (smooshed) so I don’t know where it’s finding what it suspects to be malware. It doesn’t look like it’s in the applications folder so deleting and reinstalling probably won’t get rid of the message.

Perhaps someone from RealMac @Aaron can have a look.

Hi Doug - does this help? All of the files track back to a file in the “Contents” of the RW package.Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 3.25.29 PM.png

You can try to reinstall RapidWeaver. It shouldn’t hurt anything.

I don’t know the internals of the RapidWeaver package, but I do know that it does do things like checking for updates for it self and 3rd party plugins.

My guess is that the “virus barrier” software is misinterpreted that as malware.

You can find a new copy of RapidWeaver here, you’ll need to re-enter serial numbers .

Doug - when I downloaded RW 6, I got this message from Intego: malware in the file. I don’t know what to do. I use 6.4 because I have an older version of Mac OS for various reasons.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 6.04.53 PM.png

Seems like this or something similar has come up before - Malware warning

Maybe the way to handle it is outlined here?

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The Intego support article that Rob just gave you the link to is the best way to find out what’s going on.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a similar warning from VirusBarrier about an upgrade software (nothing to do with RapidWeaver) that I downloaded being a malware. I decided to quarantine that software and I contacted the developer. They had no idea why VirusBarrier flagged them as malware. But a week or so later, I got another update notification for the same software and this time, it did not get flagged as malware.

Few days later, I did read an Intego blog post that may possibly explain those malware flags. Please, read this post.

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Thanks for your reply. Intego has duplicated the message and have sent to their malware team to see what’s going on. Progress!

Dear Rob,

FYI, I just received the following message from Intego, confirming that these messages about RW 6.4 were false positives.

Hello …,

I have confirmed that this is a false positive and you can safely Trust the files which are being detected by VirusBarrier.

We will be removing this detection with the next virus definitions update, which should be released within the next day.

Intego Support Team

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