Managing colour preferences

I think it is not a Rapid Weaver question, but a general question concerning the colour preferences.
As you may see in the added picture, i have saved some preferences over the year. But as i do not use them anymore i would like to delete most of these preferences.
Do you have any advice how to?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Barbara, the easiest way is to drag and drop an unused color on the colored ones. One at a time.
I would really use the color palette at the bottom as a temporarily solution. It is way better to manage the colors project based. I had a blog post about this here: Managing Color Sets

Hope this helps.


The problem is, i can not overwrite the colors. I only can add them. If i try to pull a colour (i.e. blank) on an existion colour, it will be added (plus sign does not disappear). No chance to overwrite :frowning:

The idea with different colour palettes is GREAT! Thank you!


Have fun. :slight_smile:
You can delete a color by selecting it and pressing the Backspace button.

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That i tried several times. Does not work. Nothing happens.

Okay. What MacOS version do you use?

I am using High Sierra 10.13.3
MacBook Pro, 2,8Hz, 16GB, 1TB Flash

Ok. Strange. Try this: Hold the ALT key when dragging a color. You will see a plus icon. Wait for 2 seconds and you will see that a color gets a blue outline. Now release the mouse button. You should now be able to delete colors with the Backspace key. Maybe I found out a hidden feature of the color palette… :slight_smile:

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Ich hab’s hinbekommen, warum ist mir nicht klar:

Ich habe in den Systemeinstellungen den Bildschirmhintergrund versucht zu ändern.
Auswahl: eigene Farbe
Dabei geht das selbe Colours-Fenster auf wie in RW.
Und an dieser Stelle kann ich die Farben auswählen und löschen.
Und jetzt sind sie tatsächlich weg, auch in RW.
Irgendwo hakt da RW und mein macOS.
Danke für die Mühe!!!

Sorry for the german, here in english:
i solved it by changing the colours of my Screen in the system preferences. There i get the same colours-window as in RW and can select and delete.
No idea, why it does not work in RW. Something strange with my macOS and my RW installation.
Thanks a lot!

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Same here. I was never able to delete colors from the color-wells in the palette (regardless of macOS and/or RW version). Selecting does not work, so backspace doesn’t do anything.

I think this issue should be addressed by RMS. Or, perhaps someone found the solution already?

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This is not a RapidWeaver issue, it is a Mac OS issue, as the color picker is controlled by the OS, not RapidWeaver.


Thanks for this, Robert. I went to the Apple forum for an answer. I found out from the reply to another user’s question, that the only way to delete a color is to drag white color on top of the unwanted one.

This makes Apple look pretty silly… :grimacing:

In High Sierra (probably earlier MacOS too, I can’t remember) you drag a color from your custom colors area and hold – hold for a few seconds (until it becomes active), then release it and delete it.

Not very Mac like…

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The Screen Dump will show the active color after the hold-release trick:

It never becomes active for me. I click, drag and hold – no matter how long I hold it (Sierra 10.12.6).

And besides, I am talking about custom colors in a color-well, like in my first post above.

We’er talking about the same, I think – custom colors in the Apple Color Picker. Those tiny squares that’s available at the bottom of the Apple Color Picker.

Apple probably fixed it from Sierra to High Sierra if you can’t make it work, and I can. In High Sierra there’s another way : Drag a new color to custom colors (the area at the bottom of the Apple Color Picker), then the other colors become active (in High Sierra), and you can delete them.

Again – not very Apple-like. Not very intuitive.

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Oh, that’s good to know. Perhaps it’s time for me to upgrade to High Sierra…:slight_smile:

On the job I downgraded from High Sierra to Sierra. I found out the hard way, that Filemaker 12 doesn’t work with High Sierra. Though I have the latest Filemaker version, that doesn’t play with our Filemaker 12 ‘Server’. So… I’ll stick with Sierra on the job for a while. And so will the rest of the company… for a while. And I’ll have to live with the Sierra Apple Color Picker… on the job.

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Sierra or below: The only known way to completely delete the saved colours from the palette is to delete them all, by deleting this file, at this path (attached image)…

You won’t see a change to the colour picker in any currently running application. But you will after re-starting the application.


To delete saved colours from this area, simply drag them to the “Trash” in your dock.

Happy Weaving.