Using Hex colors

How do I choose a hex color? All I can find is the extremely limited RW colors in different forms and none of them will show the hex color so I can match my branding. I’m trying to redo a website, that I used to use Adobe Dreamweaver for. I don’t have to make the site exactly the same, but I would desperately like to match my colors to the ones I used before (like in my logo designed in Photoshop). How can I just tell Rapidweaver I want to use color #3aadd0 ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Jo,

It might depend on where you are trying to change the color.

Must of RW uses the standard Mac color picker. If it’s in a theme or a stack, there are options in the inspector to set the color.

You click on the color selector:

That will launch the macOS color picker. Select the RGB slider and enter the hex code:



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