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(Dom Halliday) #1

Here is the website I built…

As I have 12 pages when I try to add a page or rename a page in Inspector the page either below or above the one I want to change is automatically changed to match… this results in my having 2 or 3 identically named pages (broken website). The only way I can overcome this is to start from the top and change the name of the folder the page is in and then the name of the page and sequentially go down repeating this process before I export the website.

(Isaiah Carew) #2

That sounds like a crazy bug. I’ve not seen that myself (hopefully someone else here on the forum has) – but I’d recommend providing a bit more info about your setup so the RapidWeaver developers can dig in to the problem. Here’s some basics they’ll probably need:

version numbers

  • RapidWeaver version
  • macOS version
  • plugins installed (and versions)


  • Does this happen on a brand new file? Or just your main website file?
  • When you change the name can you be more specific about how you do it? Like do you double click or use the contextual menu or … ?
  • Is there anything unusual about the file names?

one more thing

  • If there’s anything odd about your setup, like you just had a hard drive crash, or you just installed Mojave beta, or you just moved to a new computer … that would probably be useful info

cc: @dan, @simon, @tpbradley

(Isaiah Carew) #3

I’ve received some private email that this may be related to an older version of Stacks. If you aren’t using the latest version of Stacks can you try upgrading and see if the problem continues?

If you are using the latest version of Stacks, then probably looking at other plugins installed will be the first order of business.

(Dom Halliday) #4

How do I download the latest version of stacks? I purchased RapidWeaver from the Apple Store and I have not made any changes to it since I downloaded it.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #5

You can get the latest version of the Stacks plugin here:

If you are asking about the latest version of a particular stack from a developer, most of them have links to a order history option. If you need to get any from Joe, this is his link

(Dom Halliday) #6

RapidWeaver Version: 7.5.5 Build: 18814
Stacks: None
Themes: All Standard
Plugins: Blog, Contact Form, File Sharing HTML Code, iFrame, Markdown, Offsite Page, Sitemap, Styled Text (All Version 7)

Mac OS X Version: OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6
Storage: 256Gb PCIE NAND

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

You do not have the Stacks plugin so it shouldn’t be that.

(Isaiah Carew) #8
  1. Choose Manage Addons from the View menu
  2. When the window opens click the “Plugins” tab at the top of the window.

This window should show the basic page-types that are built-in, but also any extra plugins you have installed. Since you’re not using Stacks, just make sure that it’s not installed (and no other plugins are either).

I say that because there’s a known-bug (that has been fixed). The bug pops up if you have an old version of Stacks installed. Specifically if you have Stacks 3.0.0 to Stacks 3.6.0 installed.

I think it’s probably unlikely to be this bug if you’re not using Stacks – but it’s still worth looking since a lot of people have Stacks installed.

If you find you don’t have Stacks installed, then it’s probably not that bug – and in that case I think you should probably just go straight to Realmac Software customer support and send them an email with your project and any other details about this weird bug.


(LJ) #9

No idea if this is related but I had very similar symptoms a while back looking at a project for someone else - and the cause appeared to be related to Home Page confusion. As I recall, the top page was no longer the Home Page (index.html) which it should have been, plus there was also an index.php page further down. Once I put those right the issue went away. Prior to sorting, every time I changed a page name, the blue highlight shot down the menu and back up again with another page seeming to inherit the name given. I’m a bit vague about the symptoms as it’s never happened before and I didn’t jot down the symptoms but maybe this will help?

(Dom Halliday) #10

I did rename the home page to HomePage.htm and I will open the project soon and rename it back to index.html and see if that helps. You will know from this post if it worked… it seems to have worked! However when I name the home page to index.html and then export it when I return to the “home page as index.html” the website fails to load the homepage and displays the directory of the website. I have renamed the home page from index.html to Home.html… guess I will just have to live with this for a while. Thanks so much for the information though :smiley:

(LJ) #11

Look for any other page with a filename index.html and change it. You can’t have 2 index.html pages.

(Dom Halliday) #12

I have checked that a gazillion times and then once more, there is only 1 index.html but none the less it still errors which is why I changed the name in the first place. I even went so far as to move all pages to a directory and just have the home page in the root directory itself.

Either way my use of RapidWeaver has saved me thousands with Website Developers and I will not complain for what I have achieved but this bug is a real pain when it occurs and if I can help locate why and get it fixed then better for everyone else.

(LJ) #13

If you want to send the project file over - happy to take a look

(Simon Maddox) #14

Hi Dom. Can you zip up your project and send it to please? Tell them I sent you, and they’ll pass it on to me to investigate.

Sorry for leading you and @isaiah on a bit of a wild goose chase here (it was me that sent him the email privately) - it’s remarkably similar to an issue we found recently that has a very different cause.

(system) #15

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