Newest version re-introduces an old problem

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RapidWeaver Version: 6.2.3 (14912)
System Version: 10.10.4
Hardware: 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, 2.7GHz Processor, 128 GB SSD Storage, 8GB Memory.

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With v6.2.3 changing one page causes RW to publish many, most, some times all, pages/files randomly.

Changing one page sometimes flags all or some pages as changed. And there is no global “mark all pages as unchanged” toggle so on a large site the process of “mark page as unchanged” each unchanged page is time-consuming. There is no way to select multiple pages at once and mark them as unchanged either.

Yes I have republished all files. No there is no Stacks v2 or v3 pages.

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It would be so good to get this issue worked out once and for all.

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Yes, I’m finding the same thing.

At first - because I was concentrating on publishing a FormSnap Stack, I assumed it was multiple PHP elements.

But I’ve also noticed that at each publish RW 6.3.3 does seem to like to be… thorough.

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I too am having similar issues. Seems since Stacks 3.

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I noticed this too just recently. And since I’ve been running Stacks 3 for about a year – I’m going to make a wild guess that it’s not Stacks 3 (to be perfectly honest I don’t know that for a fact).

But I did notice there is a new settings was added to RW about the time this behavior cropped up. I posted about this coincidence here:

P.S. I’ve also submitted this bug to the folks at RMS – but it’s the weekend and as a favor to our friend Nik who had a tough week ( – let’s maybe let this one slide until Monday. thx

Thank you for the tip, Isaiah.
It is worth a try. I’ll post the results once this upload is finished.
As I am NOT running stacks on this large site and this has been a problem that has come and gone on various RW 6.x releases I have to agree that my suspicion is that is it is something they are (or really need to be) working on at RM.

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When I searched the forums for info on how to “mark all pages as UNCHANGED”, I came to this topic. Seems like when I make a change to one page, suddenly several if not all pages get the “BLUE DOT”. I thought that there used to be a choice under Edit to mark page as “unchanged” but all I see now is “mark all pages as changed” and I don’t want to do that. In the Prefs for RW I have both “clear page status when exporting and publishing” checked.

Please correct this problem in RW7. I am using RW 6.3.7, Stacks 3.


When you add a new page, all pages are marked as changed.
When you change the name of a page, all pages are marked as changed.
When you edit the content in a page, nothing happens, only this page appears changed.
It’s all right, I think.

Any change that effects navigation will make all pages as changed, (adding a new page, change a page name) also if you are using partials, any change to a partial will mark any page that uses that partial as changed.

Yes @Oscar, all those things happen as they should but what I can’t find (and I’m sure it used to be a choice under edit), is to mark any or all pages as UNCHANGED. Has that option disappeared or am I not looking in the right place for it.

I don’t want to have to “republish all files” in order to get rid of the blue dots.


I am able to right click a ‘changed’ page and have the option to Mark as Unchanged. I don’t know that you can batch unchange a range of pages but one at a time seems to be an option.

@bpequine @jabostick

In the file menu you can mark as changed / unchanged all pages and resources with one click.
Unchanged with the alt/option button when the file menu is open.

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@jabostick, thank you. I did finally discover that when I went to publish.

Thank you for reminding me about that option key thing. I tend to forget to think about that when I want to reverse something. It makes sense now. Leave it to the RW folks to make our wishes come true.