Problem with Stacks 3 in RapidWeaver

I just installed Stacks 3 today, and pages I built with Stacks 2 are now completely screwed up (see link below, FIG 1). Similar pages I built with the original version seems to be ok, and resemble the old Stacks 2 pages I have (see FIG 2). The strange thing is I can’t even edit the Stacks page and fix anything. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is there a way I can revert back to Stacks 2 to recover my pages?

FIG 1 link:

FIG 2 link:

In RapidWeaver, all the content is deleted for the Stacks 2/3 pages (FIG 3), but intact for the older original Stacks pages (FIG 4)

Unfortunately, I cannot post the links to these screen shots (two links per post for some reason.

I would really appreciate some advice/help on this!


I can’t tell from those screenshots what’s going on. I think it’s probably best to have a look at the file. You can share the file via our support email address (use dropbox or something similar as the file is probably very large) or we have a slack channel: [LINK REMOVED] and you can just drag and drop a zipped copy of the project file onto a private chat – slack will accept very large files.

I can’t tell from the screenshots – but if there are 3rd party stacks being used on this page then you should also include a zipped copy of your RapidWeaver addons folder so that I will be sure to see the page with the exact same versions of everything you see as well.



Thanks for your response. In terms of sharing files with you, do I just zip my entire web site for you? I can use dropbox or try dropping it into slack.


  1. Zip the project file – that’s the file RapidWeaver opens. (NOT the exported site content)

  2. if there are absolutely no 3rd party stacks involved that’s all i need. if there are some 3rd party stacks, then zip the RW addons directory too.

  • hold down the option key and choose the menu item > View > Reveal Addons Folder
  • zip the whole thing.

You can share them via dropbox with our support email. Or log on to and share them in a private message with me (just drag them onto the window).