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Hello !

I need to have a Map with classic pins, just like in this example.
(this page is build with Doobox Map2).

(I would like not to use a Google map but, right now, OpenStreetMap allows only a maximum of 10 pins… If you know about other solutions, please tell me)

In all the stacks I have seen, like in my example page, when you look at the map and then click on a pin, you have access to a very simple text box, where you can just add links.

BUT ; I want to have, instead of this “very simple text box” a more complicated space, where I could place and organise photos and texts.

A good example would be this JW Points stack : if you look at the last example, with the colorful map ; you can hover or click the pins and then have a “real pop-up window” opened with different specific stacks (Peek-a-Boo, Glider, TopBox, Fancy Glider, etc…).
The problem here is that Points Stack allows you to use only fixed images as a background, not a classic map, where you can move around, zoom, etc.

So here am I ; do you have an idea how I could have this kind of configurable pop-up window, linked to a classic google (or not google…) map pins ???
And, of course, for a silly non-coder like me :wink:

Wow ! Nobody have a little beginning of a solution for me ?

Not 100% if this would achieve what you need, but Limelight has many options for maps and content.

Have a look at the demo, near the bottom, there’s some nested content with some maps.

As you’ve discovered, there isn’t a pre-baked stack that will do this. Is having a workable map really that important? That may be the compromise you have to make. Then you can use something like Points or Hotspots Pro for the pins and link to Limelight or TopBox.


Thank you Rob & Neil !!!
At that point of my researches, I make the same conclusions as you do. And I know and use Limelight, but it can’t work on an active map, as far as I know).

And ; yes Rob, I tried to think the project without a working map, but as I’ll sometimes have to include different little cities on the same map, it can’t work that way.

I think I’m going to ask a pro coder to help me on that one, can’t see how to do it with existant stack… But I’m listening to everybody else and, if i succeed in creating what I need, I’ll keep you informed…

I know it uses Google maps but maybe stacks4stacks Locator could be a close option? There is a free demo to play with and maybe you could link it to a lightbox laucher?

This is way above my technical paygrade, but is there anything here that might get you on your way?

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Hey hey ! Thank you guys !

pmjd ; Thank you for the link, I didn’t know that Locator stack and it is really interesting, the “philosophy” (not sure I can say that in english) is quite different from the other map stacks. So it is not exactly what I need yet, but we’re getting close ! I’m going to try this stack and play around with it.

And Rob ; Ouch ! I think I’m in the same situation as you are, speaking about technical paygrade ! The example page is a little bit scary ; so much code everywhere :wink: I don’t think i can handle this OpenLayers !!!

I’m still looking around and trying to find someone who could create what I need starting from an existing stack… I keep my ears open !

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