MapSnap and disable zooming with the mouse scroll

Someone tell please, using MapSnap stack is there a way to disable map zooming when you move the mouse on map (scrollwheel)? Need to keep zooming only when clicking on the + and - buttons.

@Doobox has a good map stack that disables scrolling on small devices.

“Map dragging is automatically disabled on small touch screen devices (enabling users to scroll past the map without getting stuck in the map).”

Someone else might know if there’s an easy way to disable without a stack though.

Thank you, but I use a different stack, I forgot to write.

Everywhere is written about scrollwheel:false, but how to apply it, I don’t know.

What stack are you using? Are you embedding the code from Google maps?

There are some solutions here. One of them should do the trick.

After all, how to persuade the developers to add in settings the ability to disable the scrolling mouse scale?