New "Map 2" stack by Doobox

Hi there,

Today we released our latest stack “Map 2”.

Map 2 is built exclusively for version 3 or above of the Stacks plugin, and replaces our previous Map and Geo stacks as the only map based stack we will be selling moving forward.
It harnesses the best new features of the Stacks 3 plugin, to bring maps that are both easy for you to deploy and a breeze for your visitors to interact with.
Map 2 offers a host of features that are all demonstrated on the product page here.

PS: We tweeted a product launch discount code for a 50% saving this morning (12th Oct 2015). Follow us on Twitter here to get this and future discounts first :


Wow! Congratulations!!
That is an absolutely stunning stack, beautifully executed as always by Doobox.

Great update Gary! The addition of the Snazzy maps themes are a really nice touch too. Find out more about Snazzy here to see why this is such a big deal:

Very nice indeed. Easy to use and maps look great. Already used on this page and took minimal time to get maps sorted and up and running.

This is a wonderful, simple, effective stack. One of the things I like about it best is when you scroll through the map it does NOT auto zoom! On many web pages this auto-zoom feature is bad for folks with motion-sickness tendencies, and of course just stops your page scrolling.

Snazzy maps integration, markers as SVGs with color/border options, smart detection for driving instructions (even with multiple markers) are all fantastic.

Brilliant map stack that is responsive in width and has a clever height responsive option. As previously pointed out you can scroll over it on touch devices which is a big feature. Snazzymaps makes it highly customisable. The multiple pin option and customisation is also clever.