Mark 1 Theme with RapidWeaver 7


I’m trying to use an old theme (Nick Cates Mark 1) with RapidWeaver 7. I was able to use it to successfully update an old website a few months ago, but I’m having some trouble today.

I installed Mark1 but when I open the website, RapidWeaver says that the theme isn’t installed. However, when I tried to reinstall the theme, RapidWeaver claims that it is already installed. However, I can’t find any trace of it in the Add Ons section of the program.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

All the best, and many thanks,


just a guess but under RapidWeaver preferences do you have “Hide Classic Themes” checked?

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Hi Doug, unfortunately not. Also, I checked in the Application Support folder for RapidWeaver, and I can even see Mark 1 in there!

Don’t know what to tell you.
Are you sure you are looking in the right place? RW moved the folder default location in RW 7.

~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Themes

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Oh, interesting… I don’t think that was where RapidWeaver was looking.

Let me take a look when I’m back in front of my Mac, and will get back to you.


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