Marketit Theme Customization

Hello All. I am new to RapidWeaver and have a few fundamental questions I’d appreciate answers to if possible.

  1. I just purchased the Marketit theme. The Preview I viewed online gave me the impression that it came with Progress bars, responsive video controls, buttons, etc. I don’t see how to interact with these components or how to utilize them within my web site. What am I missing?
  2. I was very excited about the Marketit theme as a starting point for my website. Unfortunately, I thought I was going to be provided with an actual RapidWeaver project. Is the project available or am I basically starting from scratch?
  3. One of the things I noticed right away on the Marketit theme Preview is that there were images “within” the gradient at the top of the page. I can’t see any way to accomplish this.
  4. Have I basically expected too much from a “theme”? If so, what did I actually get when I purchased the theme?
  5. Finally, have I misunderstood the meaning of “theme” completely? After viewing the Preview, I thought I was going to basically have a web site with a bunch of pages with the ability to easily customize the images and content.

Dan Cooley

I don’t have it but it says it comes with a sample project.
Did you actually open the project file? -or- Did you start a new project?
A new project is basically blank, you select a theme, add pages then add content.

Themes are kind of like a “Framework” that set the look and feel of your site. Some also have built in features.

Sample projects are there to show you how to use the settings and give you an idea of what can be done.

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Hey Dan!

The themes from Realmac are a bit more Spartan out of the box compared to many of the other themes.

A theme, in general, is like putting up the four walls of a house with a few customizations. You can use Stacks to further add functionality, but by and large, they do require a bit of work before being ready to publish.

If you want to have a project all setup and just want to “drop in” content, head over to the Rapidweaver Community and check out the “Projects” category. Those might be more of what you’re looking for.

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Thanks swilliam and chet for the incredibly fast response! It’s almost like a chat session! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I missed the sample project when I installed the theme. I opened the sample project and now understand much more. The sample project is in fact exactly what the theme’s Preview displays so I am very good at the moment.

Also, I’ll check out the Projects category as that sounds very interesting as well.

Thank You so Much!