Questions regarding Theme Development for RapidWeaver

Dear Realmac Forum members,

I’d like to develop a theme for RapidWeaver. In order to get started, I found this as documentation:

On page 7, there is a Theme Tutorial.rwtheme mentioned. Where can I download this Tutorial.rwtheme?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Best wishes

Hi Ralf,

It looks like all the developer documentation has become somewhat muddled and / or outdated.

I think you might be better starting here:

This covers theme development for RapidWeaver 8. So it includes dragged-and-dropped banner images, slider controls and number controls for theme style settings.

There’s no longer a PDF user guide available for RapidWeaver. I think the theme development user guide you have found might be considered obsolete too. :frowning:

The Example.rapidweavertheme I have linked to above is perhaps a better theme to jump straight into and begin customising. Or duplicate an existing theme and work from that.

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Hi Will,

Thanks a lot!

Best wishes from nearby Stuttgart, Germany,

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