Marquee around the stacks change colour

I need to change the colour of the outline on stacks (maybe marquee), not sure what it’s called but it’s the line around the edge of stacks. The background colours im using blend with that outline making very difficult to see. I’m sure I’ve seen a post about this before but can’t find it.

If I understand you correctly, you need to adjust your stack’s Border settings. You can apply any color and/or corner radius – like in the following screenshot:

Thanks @Rovertek no what I mean is when you are in edit mode in rapidweaver the individual stacks have a key line around them so you can see their position on the page. This is the line I mean, I don’t know what it is called sorry.

Sorry for misunderstanding.

Only a handful of stacks from few developers have an option to change the title, the outline or the background color in Edit mode. This should be a common thing for ALL stacks. This feature has been already requested in the past.

Perhaps someone else can give you a more definitive answer…


You can see on this screen grab that the stacks have a grey boarder that are quite difficult to see, if I could change them to orange for example it would be easier to view. Forget the Blog Post as I have added a boarder here.