What happened to the edit box outline?

Not sure this is a Rapidweaver or Stacks issue.
In RW7 there is a line drawn around content during edit mode. (See the blue “i” on the right of the box and the “x” on the top left in the first image)
By 8.0.3, this had disappeared, unless there’s a setting to turn it back on.
The advantage is that you can remove a stack by clicking in RW7.
Is there a setting I’m missing?

this is 8.2xx and Stacks 4:

Here’s RW 8.2. with Stacks 3.
So this is a Stacks issue?
If I upgrade to Stacks 4 I’ll recover a RW 7 usability feature?

I seem to recall that if you have Stacks 3, there are 3 small squares under “View” at the top – if one of these is clicked, the edit box outlines disappear. If another is clicked, the edit boxes reappear.

It seems to be the default in Stacks 4 that the edit boxes are always there.

If you’re not using Stacks 3, then sorry, I have no idea.

Yes, that’s it. They’re in Stacks 3 as well. 56


You’re welcome – I’m glad that was it. It’s been 14 hours since I upgraded to Stacks 4, and the details of the Stacks 3 UI are already hazy in my memory. :smile:

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