WeaverThemes: Can't get video to work in banner

(Scot Davis) #1

I am working on a site using WeaverThemes Solitude. I am having trouble getting at .mp4 video to work in the banner using the code:

I have tried placing it in HTML Code ‘Head’ section, ‘Body’, ‘Sidebar’, and adding an HTML stack to the page.

Any ideas??

Thank you!!!


(Rob Beattie) #2

The code should go in the sidebar according to the instructions on Weaverthemes’ website - here.

Have you put the video in Resources and then highlighted the script code and then chosen Clear Formatting and then Ignore Formatting from the Edit menu?

(Scot Davis) #3

Thank You!!

It is getting betting…Would you please let me know how to remove the black border from the banners? Also, if you would let me know how remove or change the background from the stock photo above (behind) the banner. The second link is an example of this.




(Rob Beattie) #4

The black borders are going to be to do with the dimensions of your video, I suspect. It’s clearly possible to have edge-to-edge video because the demo site has it. It’s tough to know without having the theme.

I can’t see the stock image you’re referring to, I’m afraid.

Maybe @weaver can help further?


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